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Introducing Brittany – Our New Seattle Dental Hygienist

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Fidler on the Tooth is so happy to announce an addition to complete our wonderful team! Brittany, our new Seattle dental hygienist, has always had a passion for helping people. She has a Bachelor of Science Degree from Western Washington University in community health. Providing a service to help people live a better life has always been her passion. She worked at a breast cancer non-profit and was a health coach where she supported patients to achieve a healthier life.

Meet our newest Seattle dental hygienist.
Meet our new hygienist!

Brittany has been in dentistry for about two and a half years. A few things she loves about dentistry are:

  • Working with people
  • Educating patients
  • Helping patients smile better

Working with Dr. Fidler and her staff allows her to do what she loves. “Even though I am brand new, I feel so welcomed like a family. Fidler on the Tooth treats their patients with so much compassion, love, and non-judgment. They treat the staff the same.” said Brittany when asked what she loves about the Fidler staff. She’s only been with us for about 3 months and patients are already raving about her!

“Even though I am brand new, I feel so welcomed like a family. Fidler on the Tooth treat their patients with so much compassion, love, and non-judgement.They treat the staff the same.”

She is a Washington native. She’s very close to her family and friends, loves animals and also loves being outside and being active.  Brittany believes everything in your body is connected and always looks forward to exercising like hiking, running, and lifting weights.  She is a big fan of the Seahawks and can usually be found at their home games with her family and friends.

Brittany is a big Seahawks fan.
Brittany at the Seahawks game


  1. She ran 2 half marathons (loves races).
  2. She’s hiked some unbelievable, beautiful places in the PNW and Hawaii.
  3. She loves to volunteer. Recently she provided dental hygiene services at the Seattle Center Foundation – Seattle/King County Clinic.
  4. She enjoys her guilty pleasure of TV: Bachelor, Bravo TV, and Grey’s Anatomy.
  5. Ironically, (like most of us here at the office) she has a HUGE sweet tooth and likes doughnuts, candy, and fro-yo!!!


  • Big fan of Big Foot Java- likes their iced white coffee Americano
  • Also likes anything with caramel sauce 🙂

Come by for a visit to meet Brittany or schedule your next cleaning with her!  Alexandra, Chelsea, and Romelyn will be here to help you!  For our business info, visit:

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