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Identify the causes and symptoms of Gum Disease in this post
Gum Disease: Get the Facts [Infographic]
Gum disease, also known as periodontitis or periodontal disease, is a very common illness among adults. You may wonder, “What is it? What are its... read more
Why Should You Wear a Retainer?
The day is finally here: Your braces come off! You’re ecstatic; your smile looks amazing (and straight!). Now you are about to start the most... read more
Putting Smiles on Orphans' Faces
Putting Smiles On Orphans’ Faces
We have some of the best patients on the planet here at Fidler On The Tooth. One such gem is Phil Tasto who will be volunteering for a wonderful... read more
Is vaping a healthy alternative?
Vaping – Is it Safe?
It seems like everywhere you go nowadays you see someone vaping. That large, white, cloud of steam escaping from their mouth and floating around... read more
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