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Prevent cavities by brushing and flossing daily
Tips to Help Prevent Cavities
To help prevent cavities, brushing and flossing have always been the “standard of care”.  As a child, you may have been scolded for getting a cavity... read more
Top 10 Invisalign® Questions
  Having straight teeth not only gives you the appearance of a beautiful smile, it benefits your overall health as well. Having crowded teeth... read more
Halloween Themed Dental Kids Day
  Another Dental Kids Day has come and gone and as always, we were so delighted to have all the kids here, both young and old. What is Kids Day... read more
Are Dental X-Rays Safe?
Having an x-ray is often a part of a visit to the dentist. In fact, dental x-rays are the only form of medical radiation received on a regular basis... read more
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