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Putting Smiles On Orphans’ Faces

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Group photo of smiles on orphans' faces in India.

We have some of the best patients on the planet here at Fidler On The Tooth. One such gem is Phil Tasto who will be volunteering for a wonderful organization called Hope For India’s Orphans. He, along with a group of seven others including his son Edwin, will be traveling to Kolkata, India this winter to care for the orphans and homeless children there. Phil asked us if we could donate floss, toothbrushes, and toothpaste to bring to the children. Of course, we were more than happy to help Phil, and the group put healthy smiles on the faces of those children!

Hope for India’s orphans

We were so inspired by Phil’s outreach that we just had to share the amazing story of the Hope For India’s Orphans organization with you. You might want to grab a tissue because this will definitely get you in the feels.

Adam DeHart, the founder of Hope For India’s Orphans, has made it his mission to help the orphans of Kolkata, India, to give them hope and show them love. He and his group travel to Kolkata once each year to work with the homeless and orphaned population there.

You see, Adam was once an orphan of Kolkata himself and spent the first nine years of his life without a loving family to care for him, so he knows what it is like to have nothing and no one. He survived by hopping trains, begging, stealing, and washing dishes for table scraps before moving into orphanages. At the age of nine, he was blessed with a loving adoptive family here in Washington. Now happily married and the proud father of three children, Adam founded Hope For India’s Orphans in 2015.

We serve the children who have no one to take care of them. We give them basic foods, clothes, and personal hygiene products, with a smile and love. We give our time. We spend time playing with them, we feed them; we show them that people care and want to help. We do a mass giveaway at the Seldha train station. We have a mass feeding at a restaurant to feed women and children and the rickshaw drivers—the poorest of the poor. We give them presents, toys, hugs, and smiles. We work and volunteer our time at orphanages like the ones where I used to live. We go outside Kolkata to help out a village of orphans that never got adopted and now have a family of their own. We help them by building and repairing homes and drilling wells and sanitation systems. We want to give them a helping hand. We want to show them that they are loved.”  – Adam DeHart

How can you help?

If you are as touched by this story as we were, perhaps you are wondering how you can get involved. Well, there are a few things you can do:

  • You can donate money directly through the Help For India’s Orphans website
  • The organization also has a “gofundme” fundraising page where you can donate and also read more about Adam’s visits to Kolkata
  • Buying a T-shirt is a great way to support, find them on the website
  • Another more unique and personal way to give is to host a “Dinner and Movie” fundraiser night in your home with Indian food provided by the organization
  • Or maybe you are like our superstar patient Phil and traveling to India to work with the kids first-hand is more your thing; you can get info for that too at

Most importantly, Phil, Adam, and the rest of the group asks for prayers for wisdom and safety.

A life not lived for others is not a life.” -Mother Teresa

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