Meet Dr. Vicki Fidler

I’ve had men and women cry when they first see their new look. Out of gratitude, amazement, disbelief, or wonder, whatever the reason—it’s why I get out of bed every day. – Dr. Fidler

Seattle's Finest Family Dentist

There are two things I enjoy most about being a dentist in Seattle:

One is helping extremely fearful patients receive the care and attention they need. I feel horrible that people in our profession have caused so much pain and I believe that you and I deserve better. Many of my patients suffered a traumatic experience in their youth where they were ridiculed by a dentist, he/she continued treatment when they weren’t numb or even held them down against their will. This is just so sad to me.

Our goal at Fidler on the Tooth is to help you overcome barriers at your own pace.

Do I think we can eliminate fear and become their favorite place to visit? No, but we do provide an atmosphere where you can share your fear with us and not be judged for it. We hope to replace some of those bad memories with good ones.

Dr. Vicki Fidler smiling and welcoming you to her Seattle dental practice.

Two is a bit emotional. For example: Think about your friends or family—when you see their great big smile, it just reminds you of what that person means to you deep down inside. Now, when you give someone their smile back, that reaction can be overwhelming.

If you can imagine yourself spending the last 15 years (or more) embarrassed by the result of a broken smile, then you can understand why many of them cry when they first witness their new look. Out of gratitude, amazement, disbelief, or wonder, whatever the reason—it’s why I get out of bed every day.

I love doing all sorts of cosmetic dentistry work in my office. I enjoy being with my passionate and skilled staff, some amazing patients, and to be able to do something I love so much.

‘‘Dr. Fidler was wonderful. Hygienists were super, and the staff is great. Couldn’t have been better! I even referred my wife.’’

Brett P, April 2014

‘‘As someone with a severe dental phobia, I have avoided the dentist for years. My experience with Dr. Fidler and her team have been nothing short of amazing. Everyone on the team is so warm and genuine and supportive and accommodating. I am very grateful to have found Fidler on the Tooth and have a deep appreciation for how Dr. Fidler runs her practice!’’

Mary Jill D., August 2018

Dr. Vicki Fidler, a top Seattle dentist, smiling in her lab coat
Dr. Vicki Fidler a Seattle dentist, playing hop scotch with a younger patient
Dr. Vicki Fidler, a Seattle dentist, talking to a patient while pointing to a computer screen

“It is my hope to see you soon here at Fidler on the Tooth.”

– Dr. Vicki Fidler