Seattle Conveniences for YOU!

We understand that life is busy, so we make it easy to fit an appointment around your schedule.

Same Day Service

There’s lots to do in your day. As your partner of cosmetic dentistry in Seattle, WA, we gladly combine appointments into a single visit, and provide treatment the same day as the exam when possible. Pain? Emergency?
We will make every effort to see you when you need it.

  • Multiple family appointments

  • Combine appointments into a single visit

  • Get treatment the same day as your exam

  • Immediate need with an emergency

  • Outside referrals rarely needed

  • Easy book appointments

‘‘I don’t have time for the dentist has been my excuse until I just couldn’t put it off anymore. Thankfully I found Dr.Fidler is not just an expert in her field, she is a mother of 4 — she knows ‘busy’ and respects it 100%.’’

Allen B.

‘‘As always, my visit was fantastic! My appointment started on time, staff was amazingly friendly and my mouth is happy! She was very thorough with the cleaning, measuring my gums, all of my questions were answered and the atmosphere has made it FUN to go to the dentist!’’

Grace R.

A businessman checking his watch while on the phone shows that our cosmetic dentistry experts in Seattle accommodates busy patients.
A busy family looking up dentists on a laptop.
Two cosmetic dentistry experts in Seattle discuss a patient's dental care.

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From regular hygiene appointments to emergency visits, we will accommodate your busy schedule so you can worry about the family, the deadline and/or the weekend getaway.

Call us. We’ll find a fit in your busy schedule.