Zoom! Whitening for Seattle

You can have a whiter smile in less than 2 hours!
The Philips Zoom! proprietary whitening light.

Why ZOOM! Whitening?

The first thing people notice when they meet you for the first time is your smile. Fidler on the Tooth can help you make a fabulous first impression by giving you a white, healthy-looking smile!

One of the fastest and most effective whitening services we provide is ZOOM! Whitening. The Zoom! system uses an LED whitening lamp that accelerates results. What used to take days with multiple applications can now be done in less than 2 hours!

ZOOM! is the #1 patient-requested whitening brand and has been used by over 10 million people.

Zoom! pros:

  • Immediate results
  • Safe
  • Hassle-free

What Makes Zoom! Our Patients' #1 Choice for Teeth Whitening?

Close-up of teeth before and after Zoom! whitening.

It’s Effective

Zoom! Whitening has been clinically proven to whiten teeth up to eight shades lighter, getting them their whitest and brightest without looking unnatural.

Pretty, blonde girl pointing at her bright, white smile.

It’s Convenient

You can have a whiter smile in less amount of time! Drop in on your way to work or on your lunch break and leave with a dazzling smile!

Dr. Fidler consulting with a patient on treatment.

Professional Care

You receive your treatment under professional monitoring and care that ensures the best results.

‘‘This is how every dentist office should be! The entire staff has always been warm and welcoming and is always checking in throughout every procedure to make sure you are comfortable. Thank you, Dr. Fidler and your entire staff.’’

Heidi G. (5-Star Google Review)

Why Choose Fidler on the Tooth for Your Zoom! Whitening Treatment?

Because Dr. Fidler and Dr. Wang deliver the results you want!
Profile photo of Seattle dentist Dr. Fidler

Dr. Fidler is an experienced Seattle dentist who knows what her patients want and delivers it.

She knows life is hectic and finding time for yourself can be hard. That’s why Dr. Fidler offers her patients cosmetic dentistry solutions that are both quick and effective – fitting comfortably into a busy lifestyle.

We understand that your smile is a precious thing and you won’t just entrust it to anyone. We can assure you; it will be in the best of hands with Dr. Fidler.

Here are some of the reasons why you can feel confident in your care with Dr. Fidler:

  • Graduated from the University of Washington and has been practicing dentistry since 1995.
  • Dr. Fidler is widely experienced in performing cosmetic dentistry and achieving the results you want.
  • You can book your appointments online and we have convenient times available.

FAQs About Zoom! Whitening

Get the answers from our Seattle dentist.
  • How long is the whitening appointment?

    The whitening process itself takes about 45-60 minutes. We normally schedule 2 hours for the whole appointment. This allows time for setup and post-op instructions as well.

  • How long will it last and how often do I need to whiten?

    Your teeth can stay white for quite a while. The longevity of treatment is dependent on personal behaviors such as drinking or eating foods that can re-stain your teeth. You may want to whiten every 6-12 months. We offer whitening trays with your ZOOM! treatment for a reduced fee. Using the whitening trays two times for 30 minutes (within three days) will get your teeth shades lighter again.

  • Will my teeth be sensitive after my procedure?

    With ZOOM!, sensitivity is temporary and for some, it can be minimal. We try to help reduce any sensitivity that could occur with the correct pre-treatment regimen. You will be given proper instructions by your provider if sensitivity were to occur after your treatment.

Picture Yourself With a Bright, White Smile
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