Dental Implants in Seattle, WA

Restore your oral health, smile, and confidence.

Could dental implants be the right solution for your missing teeth?

Anatomy of a dental implant; post, abutment, and crown.

Dental implants are one of the best ways to restore not only your teeth but your confidence. Many people with missing teeth feel self-conscious when they speak or smile. Natural-looking dental implants will let you eat, speak, and smile with confidence. You’ll know your smile is (finally!) looking its best.

Plus, implants positively impact your oral health because they are the dental treatment that completely restores your missing tooth from root to crown. Here’s how a dental implant works:

  • Post: An implant post, usually made of extremely durable and bio-compatible titanium, is placed into the jaw and becomes the replacement for your missing tooth root. This is done by an oral surgeon and usually takes 4-6 months to heal.
  • Abutment: A connecting piece that joins the post to the crown. The abutment will not be visible once the crown is placed on top of it.
  • Crown: We top your implant with a beautiful, custom-created dental crown that looks beautiful and functions like a natural tooth.

Why Are Dental Implants So Popular?

Here are some of the reasons why our patients love dental implants.

Looks and Feels Natural
Dental implants are the premier way to restore your smile to full function and beauty. Your implant will feel and look natural and will function as one of your natural teeth.
Unlike other missing tooth restorations, such as dental bridges, implants do not require modification to surrounding healthy teeth, thereby protecting their health.
Dental implants are a fixed (not removable) and durable solution for missing teeth that will not slip or chafe the way some other restorations can.

Dental implants are one of the longest-lasting restorations available today. Implants are not vulnerable to decay, and with good routine oral care can last for decades.

Stops Bone Loss

Missing teeth often lead to degeneration of the underlying bone. By restoring the tooth root with a dental implant, you can stop this process and stimulate the growth of new, healthy bone tissue. Also, brushing and flossing around an implant crown is very similar to your natural teeth, allowing you to keep the area clean and healthy with ease.

Look Younger
Bone loss leads to wrinkles around the mouth and creates a “sunk in” look to the face that ages it. Implants provide the facial support needed to retain your youthful appearance.
‘‘Always a great experience at Fidler on the Tooth. Thank you for being accommodating, caring, professional, and thorough. Every time I have an appointment, the staff treats me as if I am family. All very caring! Love it!’’

David D. (5-Star Google Review)

‘‘I've been seeing Dr. Fidler for the last year or so, and also worked with Dr. Wang. These dentists are fantastic! I've always stressed at the dentist, but from the get-go this office provides a calming and friendly experience! I love all the staff and highly recommend anyone here.’’

Narissa P. (5-Star Yelp Review)

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We treat you like family because that's what you are to us!

The Fidler on the Tooth dental implants team in Seattle.

Our team at Fidler on the Tooth have been working together for many years. We see each other as family, and consider every patient as a member of the family too! We want you to get the best care, the best dentistry, by the best dentist – just like we would with our own families.

Our Seattle family dentists, Dr. Vicki Fidler and Dr. Gregory Wang, are well-known for their patient-focused dental care. They are eager to provide you with education, along with family, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry treatments that will ensure excellent long term oral health.

Our whole team is trained to be sensitive to physical cues from our patients, indicating their comfort level and know how to respond quickly and effectively to your needs. We are here to serve you!

Have Questions About Dental Implants?

Get the answers from our Seattle dentist.
  • Do I have to be sedated to get dental implants?

    No, you don’t!  The majority of our dental implants procedures are done with local anesthetic only. However, if you are someone who has dental anxiety, we do offer three sedation dentistry options that will keep you unaware and relaxed throughout your treatment:

    1. For light sedation, we use nitrous oxide.
    2. If a little stronger sedative is needed, we have oral sedation that can be taken before your procedure.
    3. For deep relaxation, we can use IV conscious sedation.

    Whatever your level of anxiety, we have a solution. If you are one of our North Seattle, Ballard, University Village, Wedgewood, Capitol Hill, Sandpoint, Queen Anne, Laurelhurst, or Madison Park neighbors, just let us know how we can help ensure you get the care you need!

  • Are dental implants painful?

    No more than any other routine dental work. During your procedure, you are either anesthetized or sedated so that you will feel nothing. As for post-operative discomfort, most of our patients find over-the-counter medication is all that’s needed. Usually, you can get back to your normal routine by the next day.

  • Should I get an implant or a bridge?

    The only way to accurately answer this for you is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Fidler or Dr. Wang so they can recommend a treatment that’s customized for you. Both dental bridges and dental implants can be used to replace missing teeth. The preferred treatment would be dental implants because of all the outstanding benefits they offer. But there are times when it may not be advisable to use a dental implant. For example:

    • If you do not have sufficient healthy bone to support an implant
    • If your supporting gum tissue has been weakened by gum disease
    • If you are a heavy smoker
    • If you have an uncontrolled chronic disease

    The doctors will be able to let you know which option is the best for your unique circumstances.

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