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The Winner for Our Teeth Whitening Contest is…

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Wedding bells are ringing in the air and what better way to add the finishing touches to any beautiful brides’ and grooms’ outfits than bright, white smiles! For the past couple months, many brides and grooms shared their engagement stories with us to enter our Seattle teeth whitening contest.

We are excited to announce Christine and Byron as the winning bride and groom! Christine, Byron, their bridal, and groom party will receive free teeth whitening from our practice to brighten their smiles for the big day!

Winners for our Seattle teeth whitening.

Christine and Byron will be married on Whidbey Island in September, and Byron’s proposal was truly thoughtful and romantic!

Read Christine’s story below:

The Fox and the Crown[divider]

It was a quarter to midnight and he was supposed to be sleeping but instead he wrote me a story:

It was somewhere above the wide Atlantic, in his leather-bound book, that he crafted a tale about a fox who lives in a forest and dreams of a princess far away. The princess loved her enchanted city and castle with emerald spires. But in the fox’s dream, pirates invade the city and steal the princess’s most precious possession: a water stone.

The fox awakens and knows he must find the water stone and return it to the princess. He travels across the land and hitches a ride from a raven who guides him to the pirates. The fox stows away on the pirate ship, finds the water jewel, and hides it in his book. He escapes the pirates and journeys to the castle with emerald spires.

The fox finds the princess alone in the castle garden. He sits down beside her and asks, “Can I tell you a story?” She is happy to have a distraction and listens closely as the fox tells her the tale of his adventures. He has the book with her stone on his lap. With each word of the story her happiness grows and she is delighted to have him by her side.

The princess asks him to stay with her in the castle. And the fox realizes what is really important to her. He puts the book back into his satchel and they live happily ever after.

We arrived in Paris and caught a train to the Palace of Versailles. We meandered the massive castle and long halls of mirrors and tapestries. Just before sunset we wandered through the gardens and stopped at the end of a beautiful, mile-long pool. The leaves on the trees were turning gold and the sun’s last rays made them glitter.

Byron took my hand and asked, “Can I tell you a story?”

Win our Seattle teeth whitening. We sat down on a white stone bench and he read me the story The Fox and the Crown. As his voice shook, I hoped the fox would complete his voyage and meet the princess of his dreams.

Byron finished the story and put his leather book back into his satchel and to my surprise pulled out another book: this one a red hardcover.

He got down on his knee and said, “Christine, I’ve travelled the world to find you and I don’t want to go anywhere else without you.”

I opened the book and found hidden inside a beautiful ring with a water stone: an aquamarine, my birth stone, and the water representing why both of us individually moved to Seattle.

I said “yes” and jumped up and down and noticed people were clapping and cheering for us.

I will never forget the tale of The Fox and the Crown: a happy story, written by my love that changed my life.

We will be married on Whidbey Island in September (and the book will hold both of our rings).

Congratulations Christine and Byron![divider]

We wish our winning bride and groom the best, and congratulations for winning our contest!

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