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Meet Our Rock Star Assistant Vince!

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Vince is one of Dr. Fidler’s great assistants.  He has been with Fidler on the Tooth since December 1st, 2014.

The main reason why Vince is in dentistry today is because he was dental phobic. Today he no longer experiences dental phobia because he has been working in the dental field for twenty plus years. By understanding dentistry, it helped Vince realize that there was nothing to fear, and he is able to convey this experience to his patients today. Because of it, Vince is able to empathize with his patient which makes Vince a great assistant.

Outside of work he loves to spend time with his family.  He also has passion for photography and enjoys hiking.

He is currently volunteering at Siemens to help test their ultrasounds.  He gets called at least once a week.


Did you know he loves to sing? He is great at it!  But don’t take our word for it.  Check out this video:

Testimonials by his co-workers:

Bragging time!

Humble, passionate, and kind.” -everybody

“First day of work, he was very welcoming and open in order to make the first day more pleasant. Vince is my go to person to help with everything. He is extremely humble, and loves to help out others” -Ally

“Nicest person and also kind-hearted.  He is funny and is someone who’s easy to work with. He has years of experience, and he is willing to share his knowledge.” -Ali

He has twenty plus years of experience in the dental field! Come visit your Seattle Dentist at Fidler on The Tooth and meet Vince.

Next time you are in the office, please take the time to say hello to Vince… Maybe he will sing you song.

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