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Seattle Dentist Shows 5 Factors to the Perfect Smile

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Seattle Dentist Shows 5 Factors to the Perfect SmileDon’t settle for mediocre when with a few simple tweaks our Seattle dentist helps patients achieve their true smile potential. What factors make a truly appealing smile?

Symmetry: The front two upper central incisors should be symmetrical in size, length and shape. Even when this is not 100% possible, the illusion of symmetry should be created. Our dental veneers have helped many in this regard, as well as gum contouring.

Gum line: This height should be symmetrical on both sides of the mouth. Ideally, this line should also follow the line of the upper lip, to ensure minimum gum exposure and optimum display of the teeth when smiling. The upper lip should touch where the teeth meet the gum, although a small amount of visible gum tissue above the teeth is quite acceptable (2mm). Gum contouring has helped many to achieve this balance.

Tooth dimension and proportion: Due to individual variations, it is difficult to provide “magic numbers”. Perception of symmetry, dominance and proportion can be adapted to accommodate each individual’s smile using a variety of techniques such as dental veneers and gum contouring.

Healthy gums: Gum tissue should have a light pink color and firm texture without any swelling or bleeding. The papillae must completely fill the gap between teeth to avoid any visible black triangles. Regular and professional cleanings through our dental hygienist will go far in maintaining this health.

Tooth color: To portray an image of health and vitality, teeth need to be free of stains and discolorations. Seek professional teeth whitening through our Fidler on the Tooth office.

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