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Seattle Dentist offers Celebrity-Style Teeth Whitening Promo!

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Seattle Dentist offers Celebrity-Style Teeth Whitening Promo!A whitened, brightened smile wields great power! Our Seattle dentist demonstrates why, and invites new patients to enjoy a special promo. Read on to learn more.

Whether the culprit of your dental discoloration is high-pigment food and drink or simply age, be assured doing nothing to correct stained teeth will negatively affect your image. People tend to naturally respect those who demonstrate self-esteem. If you don’t appear to care for your welfare, why should they?

Whether subconsciously or consciously, white teeth are perceived by others as markers indicating youthful vitality and health. Could you benefit from a boost in this department?

Of course, tooth decay, sensitive or cracked teeth, infections and gum problems need to be addressed before any whitening products are used. Failure to do so could lead to not only extreme discomfort, but also further aggravation of an existing oral health issue. A dental exam is always recommended prior to any whitening procedure.

Connect to our Fidler on the Tooth website under the “For new patients” tab to discover the details of an exciting promo offering free teeth whitening today!

It’s never too late to let our Seattle dentist Dr. Fidler improve your smile with style!

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