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Why we love Saint Helens Cafe, and why you will too!

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Just a few short days ago a brand new neighbor popped up three doors down from us here at your Seattle Dentist,  Fidler on the Tooth.

We ventured over to check it out and were pleasantly surprised to find Saint Helens, a lovely French based cafe offering breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch, and daily specials. To spice things up at our monthly staff meeting, Dr. Fidler treated us to delicious pastries, melt in your mouth cookies, and fresh brewed coffee.

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Having these extra special treats at our meeting really jazzed things up and immediately put a smile on everyone’s face as they walked through the door to start the day.  Our personal favorite treat was the Apple Cider Fritter; Saint Helens ferments the dough in apple cider overnight, and then cooks it up fresh first thing the next morning for absolute perfection….YUMMY!

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With it’s convenient location, friendly staff, and fabulous food, we know we’ll be going back very soon! Check out Saint Helens for yourself, and see what all the rave is about!

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