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A 100 Mile Obliteride to Help Cancer Research Center

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Chad rides Obliteride for Fred Hutchinson cancer research

Chad Mortenson, a patient here at Fidler on the Tooth, as well as a local financial advisor at Edward Jones Investments will be participating in a 100 mile bike ride for the Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center called the Obliteride.

Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center dedicates a weekend for donators and bicycle riders to help bring awareness to all types of cancer. All donations and proceeds are used for cancer research and to help “obliterate” cancer. Since the beginning of the Obliteride in 2103, they have raised over 7 million dollars. The Obliteride will be taking place on August 12-14 and the course starts from Seattle, WA and all the way around the Puget Sound and back.

Chad is dedicating the ride to his Grandma and Uncles who have all battled with cancer. He is excited to be sponsored on team REI and is continuing to raise donations for his century ride.

If you would like to help support Chad, please go to:

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