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Why See a Seattle Dentist?

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Why See a Seattle Dentist?

Do you worry that you’re wasting money by visiting a dentist twice a year and plan to wait until you have a painful dental problem to visit a dentist? This can be an expensive and life-threatening mistake. Having healthy teeth means more than just having a beautiful smile. Healthy teeth mean a healthy body. When you take care of your teeth, you take great strides in taking care of your overall health for a lifetime.

Check-Ups Save Money

Just like with your car, it’s always less expensive to go ahead with routine maintenance than it is to wait until your car breaks down and needs costly repairs. X-rays will show problems that you may not feel or see developing. Just because you don’t see dental problems and you aren’t experiencing any pain doesn’t mean a problem isn’t developing. Catching problems ahead of time always saves you money. If you are covered under a dental insurance plan, most of your cleanings and x-rays will be paid for by your dental provider.

Filling Cavities Prevents Serious Problems

If we find a cavity at one of your regular check-ups, we will inform you and schedule an appointment to fill it. If you don’t know you have a cavity, it will continue to grow and become more problematic and expensive to repair. Once a cavity grows large, you may require a root canal, crown, or both. A cavity is decay and decay will continue to spread until a dentist removes and remedies the problem.

Check-Ups Help You Keep Your Teeth

If you avoid check-ups until you have severe dental problems, it may not be possible to save your teeth, meaning you could possibly lose your teeth. Small problems can become large infections that can lead to tooth loss or even serious life-threatening health problems requiring a hospital stay.

Gum Disease Is Life-Threatening

We can diagnose gum disease at regular check-ups and offer a treatment plan for getting your gums healthy. Avoiding check-ups and cleanings can lead to gum disease, which can increase the odds of developing life-threatening health problems like diabetes, stroke, heart disease, oral cancer, low birth weight babies, and much more.

Dental Pain Is Inconvenient

Do you have the time to deal with dental pain? Not many people can take a week off work because they have developed a serious dental problem that requires surgery and recovery time. Check-ups and cleanings help keep you healthy and not inconvenienced or laid up in pain due to a dental problem.

Beautiful Smiles = A Beautiful Life

Bleeding gums, bad breath, loose teeth, and a bad taste in your mouth don’t exactly scream beautiful. Stay healthy and enjoy the beautiful life and happiness a beautiful smile brings while preventing big dental health expenses in the future by attending regular check-ups and cleanings with Fidler on the Tooth.Make your check-up and cleaning appointment today! Just give us a call at (206) 384-4651 and the staff at Fidler on the Tooth, a cosmetic and general dentist, located in Seattle, will ensure you’re in great dental health.

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