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Have No Fear, Dr. Fidler’s Team is Here!

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Keeping Your Dental Anxiety at Rest

Dental anxiety is no laughing matter, but we put smiles on even the most fearful faces. Dr. Fidler and her team have plenty of experience treating high anxiety patients and dental phobia. There is no need to avoid vital treatment; we are here to make your experience a comfortable one. With our state-of-the-art technology, specialized training, and range of sedation treatment options, your fears will fall away at Fidler on the Tooth.

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Caring Consultation

Patient concerns and comfort are top priority for the Fidler team. We understand that many patients have been traumatized from other dentists in the past, and we specialize in overcoming these fears. Detailed visual explanations of procedures and options are given and we are here to listen and address any worries you may have. Ensuring patient comfort during procedures is what we do best and we will not proceed if you are uncomfortable at any time. Let’s conquer those fears together!

Catching Non-Verbal Clues

Nervous patients sometimes find it hard to communicate their anxiety or stress. Not to worry, Dr. Fidler and her team are trained to recognize non-verbal cues such as an accelerated heartbeat, a shoulder shrug or a tight neck. Or maybe you squint your eyes and clench your jaw, and even begin to tremble. Whatever the case, we know what to do. We are committed to keep you feeling safe and comfortable during your entire visit.

Modern Comforts

Part of ensuring your complete comfort is offering a wide range of amenities during your visit. While you lay back in the chair you can enjoy music or watch a movie on the movies goggles. We have blankets and pillows to keep you cozy and offer coffee and snacks while you wait.

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Sedation Treatment

We offer three proven safe and effective dental sedation treatment options to combat dental phobia and anxiety. The first is taking a prescribed anti-anxiety medication; the second is IV sedation and third, Nitrous Oxide (also known as laughing gas). Visit our sedation and dental anxiety page for more information.

Don’t let fear keep you from a healthy mouth, contact us today!

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