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Avoiding 5 Blunders that Harm Your Oral Health

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Seattle DentistWe all want a set of pearly whites that contributes to a healthy, youthful, attractive-looking smile. Sometimes though, bad habits develop that hamper the health of your teeth, and therefore your smile’s ability to stay at the top of its game. Consider five common missteps that your mouth and your Seattle dentist want you to avoid.

#1—Constant Snacking: Every time foods/drinks containing sugar or starch are consumed, they combine with the bacteria in your mouth to produce an acid that attacks your protective tooth enamel for some 20 minutes. Frequently snacking throughout the day can dramatically increase the likelihood of developing cavities and tooth decay. Limiting such snacking between meals is vital.

#2—Misuse of Teeth: Teeth should be used for eating only, and shouldn’t be used as a multipurpose tool that replaces scissors, pliers, or other items belonging in your tool box. Avoid bad habits such as crunching on hard items like pencils, ice, popcorn seeds, or oral piercings that can crack or chip your teeth.

#3—Using Tobacco: Using tobacco harms your oral health in numerous ways. Consequences include discolored teeth, bad breath, loss of taste, periodontal disease, and increased likelihood of developing oral cancer. The best step is to give your tobacco habit the boot.

#4—Letting Your Guard Down: Some activities and high impact sports can easily result in unwanted trauma to your teeth, gums, and tongue if they’re left unprotected. Avoid the sentiment that a protective mouthguard is unnecessary, and keep your pearly whites intact.

#5—Lackadaisical Oral Hygiene Regiment: Teeth need your assistance to stay healthy, beautiful, and free of decay. Avoid the mentality that you don’t have the time, or you’re just too tired to brush and floss adequately on a daily basis. Don’t let a fear of the dentist keep you from regular, professional cleanings and examinations of your oral health. Developing a good oral health routine for you and your smile must be your priority.

By taking the necessary preventive steps to avoid these oral health blunders, your mouth can thank you with healthy teeth and gums, and a lifetime of gorgeous smiles. Contact us today to get the assistance you need to achieve that Hollywood smile you’ve always wanted.

What are your thoughts? Which of these five oral health missteps do you think is most commonly practiced today?

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