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A Sticky Situation: What Do We Do With 846 lbs of Candy?

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This is the question we found ourselves asking here at the Seattle dentist office of Fidler on the Tooth! For the last 5 years Dr. Fidler has been having a candy buy back event each November. This year, we collected goodies in early November. It is always fun but this time around, something really special happened.

When Shirley Briones, a P.E. teacher at Cascadia Elementary School in Wallingford heard about our candy buy back program she jumped at the chance to challenge her kids. As incentive she offered to the class that brought in the most candy an extra day of P.E. as well as extra time in the field day coming in the spring. The result? The candy started to pour in. We ended up with 846 lbs of candy!

The kids wanted to use the money they had gotten from the buy back on something all the students could enjoy. After putting their heads together they came up with a great idea… use the money for new P.E. equipment. The candy buy back was a huge success for everyone.

What a Sweet Solution!

We are grateful to everyone who made this year’s candy buy back such a whopping success. And a very special thank-you to the students at Cascadia Elementary. We hope you all have a fabulous school year and enjoy your new equipment!

Now, of course, we have the challenge of what to do with 846 lbs of candy! In the past, we have donated it to the troops overseas as part of Operation Gratitude. The kids wanted to give the soldiers not only candy, but their heartfelt gratitude and many wrote touching personal letters of thanks to the troops.


“We had entire classes making thank-you cards for our soldier to send off as well as candy. Even their little brothers and sisters were turning in candy with cards for the service men” said Shirley Briones. “Thank-you Fidler on the Tooth for helping us with fun and healthy service project!”

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