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Let’s Celebrate Ependymoma Awareness Day!

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Here at Fidler on the Tooth we would like to bring awareness to a cause very close to our hearts.  Our Front Office Administrator, Chelsea, was diagnosed with a rare spinal cord tumor almost 3 years ago.  This tumor is called an Ependymoma.  The CERN Foundation has been a great resource for Chelsea during her recovery and also for helping her understand more about this disease.  The CERN Foundation  is comprised of a dedicated group of scientists and adult and pediatric neuro-oncologists working to find new treatments for Ependymoma, a type of brain and spinal cord tumor.

The CERN Foundation will commemorate Ependymoma Awareness Day with a mass butterfly release that will take place on May 2.  The butterfly release will be video-taped and posted on the internet so that supporters can participate and share in this moving occasion.  Read more about it here: Butterfly Release 

To read about Chelsea’s story you can go to this link:  Chelsea’s Story



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